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mardi 4 octobre 2011, par marais.

A survey by the office for national Statistics has studied every corner of the lives of 13-to-24-years-olds.

Hobbies : According to the survey, 90% of teenagers are ‘couch potatoes’ : their main activity is watching TV.Their favourite programmes are series and music shows. One third of girls read a book on a weekday evening. Six boys in ten play video games after school.

Sports : ¾ of boys aged up to 18 often play a team game. A majority play football.Only 42 % of girls sometimes play a team game .They prefer individual activities such as swimming, gymnastics, aerobics and dancing .

Pocket money : Almost every teenager gets pocket money.The average sum is 13 euros per week.A majority of them spend from 45 to 60 % on sweets, chocolates, cakes and ice creams.They also pay for drinks at pubs.They spend from 35 to 75 % of their budget on clothes and shoes.30% are ready to spend from a quarter to half of their pocket money on mobile phones.They spend about 25% on music : CDs, videos or concerts.85 % Of UK teenagers open a bank account to save their money instead of spending it immediately.
Jobs : A majority of teenagers earn money.47% have part-time jobs.58% of 18-year old young people have summer jobs.They save money for buying a car or for their studies.

Parents and friends : 80% of today’s teenagers get on well with their parents but 55% say they want to be independent.

Worries : Today’s. Almost 40% say money is one of their biggest worries.Teens are worried about their appearance and their school work.

Celebrities : the three most popular people among teenagers are : Christina Aguilera, David Beckham and Eminem